Vlinder, the startup that enables trust, inclusion and efficiency to the ecosystem across public and private enterprises, joins the LACChain Global Alliance.

In order to rollout use cases by using their klefki and Trag platforms, joins the Global Alliance LACChain as a partner for the development of the blockchain ecosystem in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The startup and technology platform provider vlinder has joined the LACChain Global Alliance.

With the use of blockchain technology, IoT and artificial intelligence, the startup based in New Jersey, USA. provides platform solutions that solve problems of identity, traceability and immutability.

Today, in the face of new needs and the possibility offered by the traceability of products and raising awareness about the origin and destination of goods, solutions such as those offered by Vlinder become very relevant.

That is why, thanks to the incorporation of Vlinder into the Global Alliance LACChain, the objective of transferring power to value chains and the transfer of goods and services is strengthened.

Some of the objectives of the alliance include:

  • Leveraging Vlinder’s Klefki/Decentralized ID platform for Government, Financial Services, Insurance and Healthcare sectors.
  • Identification of Use Cases, Build/Deployment of Use Cases in LACChain for the Latin America and Caribbean Community.
  • Provide Decentralized ID Wallet (Klefki) on LACChain.
  • Provide Track and Trace Platform (Trag) on LACChain.
  • Provide solutions to improve inclusion across the region.
  • Enable NFTs based Use Cases using Klefki

In response to this announcement, Alejandro Pardo, LACChain Leader and IDB Lab Senior Specialist, commented:

“The inclusion of Vlinder as a strategic ally of LACChain, is a sign of our common search to transfer power to vulnerable populations and that in many situations are at a market disadvantage, today is possible thanks to the use of technology that Vlinder and our alliance represent”.

While Malini Srinivasan, Founder of Vlinder, concluded:

“ Vlinder’s purpose is enabling inclusive, sustainable communities and ecosystem with trust as the underpinning foundation. This aligns well with LACChain and IDB Lab’s goal of empowering digital spaces to improve the development and competitiveness of the Latin America and Caribbean organizations. With this partnership we look forward to accelerating the growth and competitiveness of the region across Government, Financial Services, Insurance and Healthcare sectors aligned with SDG goals”.

With the incorporation of Vlinder, the LACChain Alliance is made up of 44 partners of the blockchain environment supporting public-private partnerships and blockchain-based solutions in 15 countries in the region,which currently supports the development of 34 projects with an impact on inclusion, with 99 nodes and 46 entities running nodes in a history of more than 23 million blocks.

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Learn more about Vlinder :

Vlinder’s purpose is to enable inclusive and sustainable ecosystem with trust as underpinning foundation.

Vlinder offers two Blockchain based platform solutions that bring inclusion and sustainability to the ecosystem including Private & Public enterprises.

Klefki platform is a blockchain based secure, frictionless platform that enables trust, inclusion and efficiency to the ecosystem of Public and Private enterprises

Trag Platform is a Blockchain-enabled Authenticity & Provenance Platform empowering brands to counter fraud and track the Journey of their products from source to end consumers

For more information visit: https://www.vlinder.io/

Learn more about LACChain:

LACChain is a global alliance made up of different actors from the blockchain environment, led by the innovation laboratory of the Inter-American Development Bank Group (IDB Lab) for the development of the blockchain ecosystem in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Its objective is to accelerate the empowerment and adoption of blockchain technology in the region for the promotion of innovation, the reduction of economic, social, gender and other inequalities, the promotion of quality and job security, the promotion of financial inclusion, consumer protection and market integrity. To do this, LACChain focuses on two main pillars: community and infrastructure.

Expected results are based on empowering people, improving digital security, building confidence in the digital economy and society, promoting energy efficiency, thereby supporting inclusive growth, welfare, human rights and fundamental values.

For further information, please visit: www.lacchain.net