LACChain, the global alliance for blockchain development led by IDB Lab, continues growing.

LACChain Alliance
3 min readMar 9, 2022


LACChain, the global alliance made up of different actors from the blockchain environment, led by the Innovation Laboratory of the Inter-American Development Bank Group (IDB Lab), for the development of the blockchain ecosystem in Latin America and the Caribbean, continues growing through the addition of allies.

All this is through collaboration agreements with entities that share the goal of accelerating the enablement and adoption of blockchain technology, fostering innovation, and promoting inclusion, in the region.

Among the latest additions to the Alliance are Telefónica Tech, the digital unit of the Telefonica Group; Grant Thornton, the professional services firm in Spain and Tribe, the Singapore-based global blockchain ecosystem builder.

Each entity adds value to LACChain for facilitating the materialization of the benefits that blockchain technology can bring to our society.

In the case of Telefónica Tech, the joint work will aim to create a community that facilitates the exchange of knowledge using blockchain technology, including workshops and various training activities. Likewise, the alliance includes the possibility for Telefónica Tech to include its solutions in the infrastructure and technological tools of the LACChain networks.

For José Luis Núñez, head of the Blockchain unit at Telefónica Tech, this alliance seeks to “join synergy, collaborate and coordinate with the blockchain ecosystem to value the potential that blockchain technology has in Latin America and the Caribbean.”

On the other hand, Grant Thornton and LACChain will exchange relevant and complementary information about the blockchain-based services that are being deployed. As well as develop materials and concepts related to blockchain technology and digital identity.

In the words of Luis Pastor, Managing Partner of Business Consulting and Innovation of Gran Thornton in Spain, “this collaboration opens the opportunity to bring best practices and knowledge to one of the most important blockchain development conglomerates in Latin America and the Caribbean.”

Likewise, for Yi Ming Ng, CEO of Tribe, this alliance represents an opportunity that “will help strengthen the blockchain landscape in Latin America and the Caribbean and allow start-ups to access funding and expertise while driving innovation and creating exciting technological solutions.”

The agreement includes exchanging experiences and coordinating communications through social networks to achieve the best possible result in promoting joint events and initiatives.

In this way, among the expected results of the alliances held are to empower people, improve digital security, generate trust in the digital economy and society, as well as promote inclusive growth in the region.

With the incorporation of these alliances, LACChain is integrated today by 59 allies of the blockchain environment, supporting public-private partnerships and blockchain-based solutions in

sixteen countries in the region. Currently, there are + 40 projects with an impact on inclusion, with 136 nodes and 81 entities that execute nodes in a history of more than 35 million blocks.

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LACChain Alliance

LACChain is a global alliance led by the Innovation Lab of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB Lab) to develop the blockchain ecosystem in LAC.